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“Dragon-slaying is an honorable death, and generally quick, from my understanding; and will legally clear your debts. Unless you would prefer to commit suicide?” he inquired.

Brave New Worlds: Dystopian Stories, an anthology edited by John Joseph Adams

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Women Destroy Fantasy! Special Issue

As part of Lightspeed’s Kickstarter for their Women Destroy Science Fiction! special issue, one of the stretch goals that was unlocked due to the campaign’s tremendous success was the publication of a Women Destroy Fantasy! special issue, which will be guest-edited by former Fantasy Magazine editor Cat Rambo. The issue is in the works now and will be published in October 2014. If you’d like to write something for that issue, the writing guidelines are available on our submissions page. If you’d like to read the issue, four of the eight stories included in the issue will be available here on, and the rest will be available in the ebook edition, which will be available in October, and will be available for pre-order soon.

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Author Spotlight: Naomi Novik

“Vici” shows the seeds of various aspects of the relationship between dragons and humans that we see initially in Britain and other European nations in His Majesty’s Dragon.

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Artist Spotlight: J.P. Targete

Personally I feel environments can sometimes give you more insight into a story then a portrait especially if the environment is closely connected to that story.