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Artist Spotlight: Priscilla Kim

My interest in fantasy came far before my interest in art. I was that kid who’d spend her weekends in the library and check out the max amount allowed each time, reading everything from the Boxcar Children to Anne Rice. I originally wanted to be a writer before I ended up turning toward art. (It’s still a goal of mine, but it’s hard enough mastering one discipline, so I’m focusing on the art first!)


Artist Spotlight: Women in Fantasy Illustration Roundtable

A roundtable interview with women artists (and one art director) Julie Bell, Irene Gallo, Rebecca Guay, Lauren Panepinto, Julie Dillon, Elizabeth Leggett, and Zoë Robinson.

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Artist Spotlight: J.P. Targete

Personally I feel environments can sometimes give you more insight into a story then a portrait especially if the environment is closely connected to that story.

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Artist Spotlight: Jenny Laatsch and Madame Thenadier

After determining what the subject should be, I started creating an empty room with the right atmosphere. I sent the layered file through a large file sharing site to Jenny. She added several items and a bookcase and sent it back to me.

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Artist Spotlight: Bram Leech

I am a big fan of fantasy movies and animated feature films. Tim Burton and Hiyao Miyazaki’s movies are some of my favorites.

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Artist Spotlight: Jennifer Mei

Jennifer Mei’s work displays a sense of both grace and whimsy. She paints and draws characters inspired by and drawn from a number of video games, as well as naturalistic pieces with a loose feel. Her subjects range from fantasy stalwarts like dragons and warriors to apple-shaped buildings and flying whales. Her cover piece for […]


Artist Spotlight: Laura Diehl

Seasons, in my mind, are particularly charged with their own color feelings. In brainstorming things to do as personal pieces, they were a fun way to give myself a theme.

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Artist Spotlight: Chen Wei

I intentionally leave some brushstrokes and color laid down in “tiles.” These can make the piece more like a real painting, not like a lifeless CG product.

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Artist Spotlight: Nicole Cardiff

Nicole Cardiff is a Los Angeles-based fantasy artist and illustrator who has worked with Harcourt, Sony, White Wolf, and Wizards of the Coast, among other clients. Nicole uses traditional and electronic tools, but she paints primarily at the computer, and she’s part of the new generation of illustrators who are pushing digital art software to […]

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Artist Spotlight: Dariusz Zawadzki

My inspiration is always feelings, elusive emotions. They usually come from my dreams, my longing for other, unreal worlds. I create such a world with my paintings; they all make a whole.