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Is That a Finger Bone?: Alison Campbell-Wise

The story grew out of wanting to write something where the fantastic element was fairly slight at first. The events at the beginning can be said to be possible, if not plausible. The image of someone writing on the walls came next, and the rest of the story just kind of tumbled out from there. It wasn’t exactly an inspiration for the story, but when we were really young, my best friend and I did get in trouble for writing and drawing all over my bedroom door. I don’t know what made us think it was a good idea, but I guess it made sense to us at the time. Luckily, it washed off.

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Cursed by a Gypsy: Catherine Cheek

My short stories tend to be dark and twisted, but they don’t even resemble each other, so I can’t compare them to a short story author. My novels are most similar to Charlaine Harris and Kim Harrison. As much as I guiltily enjoyed sighing over Edward and Bella, I’d rather not be compared to Stephenie Meyer (though it would be great to be in her tax bracket.)

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Come From A Nameless Island: Samantha Henderson

I enter the chamber of the Thing Without a Face; I am given a small plain wood box, the size of a Bible; I wince away from the sight of the preternaturally long fingers; I nod in acknowledgment and make my way back — right, two passages over, left, right. Perhaps all who go there have a different path to take, perhaps it makes no difference. I’ve never dared to ask.

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I’ve Never Wanted To Be Mythical: J. Kathleen Cheney

Why is this the hardest question? I’ve never wanted to be mythical. As a child I did, however, want to be a horse. Never really grew out of that. I guess I’d have to be a puca…

Author Spotlights

Camille Alexa, Author of “Shades of White and Road”

Camille Alexa likes “her humor dark and her horror funny.” A short fiction writer and poet, she writes for The Green Man Review, serves as Flash Fiction Editor for Abyss & Apex, and Poetry Editor for Diet Soap. Her short story “Shades of White and Road” appears this week in Fantasy Magazine.

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Everything Is Woven Of Stories: Sergey Gerasimov

I write because I know that everything around us is woven out of stories. When I notice a story that cries out, “tell me! Tell me!” I can’t help telling it. I don’t make up stories; I usually see them in all the details.

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Edward Plunkett and the Dragon of Romance

Dunsany’s writing habits were often eccentric. He used quill pens he’d made himself, and almost never rewrote anything. His wife Lady Beatrice claimed that he wrote sitting on a crumpled hat and when the hat was stolen by a visitor, a crisis was precipitated. He would often direct servants and family members to carry out the actions of a story, so he could see them before writing it.

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Paul Jessup, author of The Adventures of Petal, the Paperdoll Pirate

Tell me a little about The Adventures of Petal. What was the first image or phrase or impetus that made you sit down and spin it out?

To be honest, this one was written because I wanted to write a pirate story, plain and simple. I like pirates, pirates are cool and things blow up and they storm into places and swashbuckling and ARRR MATEY and all that fun stuff. So I wanted to write a pirate story, but it’s me. And I can’t ever just write something normally.

So I decided, hey, what can I do differently? Well, we were making paper dolls with my daughter and the idea just clicked. Pirates made of paper doll, made of popsicle sticks, all that fun stuff. To make it a quest for being, for finding the creator of the world who had abandoned it goes back to movies like Puff the Magic Dragon and The Brave Little Toaster. In fact, you could say The Brave Little Toaster was a huge influence.

Author Spotlights

Nicole Kornher-Stace, Author of Jane

Nicole Kornher-Stace was born in Philadelphia in 1983, moved from the East Coast to the West Coast and back again by the time she was five. She currently lives in New Paltz, NY, with one husband, three ferrets, the cutest baby in the universe, and many, many books. Her short fiction and poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in several magazines and anthologies including Best American Fantasy, Ideomancer, GUD, Goblin Fruit, Lone Star Stories, Farrago’s Wainscot, and Idylls in the Shadows. She has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and her first novel, Desideria, is currently available on Amazon.

Author Spotlights

Spotlight: January Authors D. Elizabeth Wasden, Darren Speegle & Chantel Tattoli

A few months ago in an editorial, I asked why we don’t often see as many comments on our fiction as we do on our non-fiction. The answers, opinions, and suggestions our readers offered were very illuminating and much appreciated. Since that time we’ve seen a rise in comments on fiction (which makes us very happy!) and we’re working on other ways to engage readers. One experiment we’re trying is to collect Author Spotlights together once a month or possibly every other week. Though fiction that appears in each month is not necessarily related, I do feel that the pieces and their authors are in conversation — with you, the reader, and with each other, if only by accident of placement. These spotlights are a continuation of that conversation — I hope readers enjoy them and are moved to ask questions, make connections, and think about the stories in different ways.