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Humanizing Myths: Nadia Bulkin

There was a certain ancient, mythological, allegorical feel to the whole “married to the sea” idea, and I wondered how it would translate to a more contemporary setting, i.e., “what would really happen” if this was a real custom. I think there’s a lot to be said for humanizing myths.


Twitter Updates for 2009-07-08

Today’s Twitter updates included a Dresden Files RPG, level-based versus skill-based advancement in games, favorite YA sci-fi, Paul Jessup’s new anthology Hatter Bones and something that will make you stand on your head!


Mastery or Moorditch: George MacDonald and True Faith

…here is the difference between MacDonald and Grimm: when boys and girls go into Grimm’s woods, they emerge victorious over some monster, terrified into some life lesson, or they do not emerge at all. When they go into MacDonald’s woods, they come out the other side gentler, stronger men and women.


Twitter Updates for 2009-07-06

Today’s tweets included vampires from outer space, an ancient Easter egg, favorite author Susan Palwick, and how to determine your fantasy boyfriend! Can you guess who was paired with Fantasy Magazine?


Twitter Updates for 2009-07-05

  • Good Jonathan Coulton interview: #
  • 5 Comic Book Heroes for the Fourth of July –
  • Some very cool steampunk art –
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    Gamemastering NPCS: Part IV

    GMs, don’t be afraid to pander to your players. Keep an eye out for what they like and give that to them. Make it sweet and delicious. Because all of that sweetness will make the bitter which comes later that much more poignant and potent.


    Twitter Updates for 2009-07-04

    Happy Fourth of July to everyone! Don’t shoot any eyes out! # Powered by Twitter Tools.


    A Dozen Story Ideas A Day: David Farland

    I recall reading from a Roman historian who complained that on one night, some 40 men were dragged from their beds and eaten by wolves. He said, “The only thing worse than the wolves are the wild Scotsmen themselves!” I was thinking about that, and suddenly my subconscious said, “Hey, I’ve got your magic system!”


    Eureka, Recapped

    This is a dirty recap of the major story points of the show. It ignores most of the various romances, the awesomeness of Jo Lupo, the insanity that is Douglas Fargo, Henry becoming Mayor of Eureka, and most of the smaller details and interactions which are really at the heart of Eureka. This is a show that lives and breathes far more by its characters than the storylines.


    Mr. King’s Shortcut: Evolution, Gossip, and Character

    For years, snooty critics have said that Stephen King is writing for cavemen and monkeys. If certain theories of evolutionary psychology are correct, they may well have been right in the best possible way.