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Star Trek: TNG, Humorously Edited

A few weeks ago a friend of mine pointed me to the YouTube channel of Jan Van Den Hemel and Andrew Hussie of Knowing I was a Star Trek: The Next Generation fan, she figured I would appreciate their series of remixed TNG episodes. I watched the first and thought, “That was cute,” then watched the second and was equal parts horrified and highly amused. I’ve spent many a day laughing so hard I nearly broke something in my gut over these videos, and now it’s time I shared them with you all.

So far there are 20 remixed episodes, none longer than 2 minutes, most around a minute and a half. For #10 you may need to sign in to YouTube as it contains “adult content”. It’s worth it, because it’s one of the funniest in the series. I’m also quite fond of #4: “Uneventful Day”, #2: “beard on beard”, #7: “A fistful of Rikers”, and #13: “Was machst du, Data?”

Visit the site to view them all.


A Quattrocento Crossroads

Francesco’s guests pick up their cards. They are awkward to hold: large–nearly seven inches high–and thick. But what beauty! What richness! The exquisite figures are set off by gilded and embossed backgrounds. The cards and the setting have all the sumptuousness to be expected from one of the richest men in the world.


Battlestar Galactica: The End

Open thread. Talk about the series finale here. Loved it? Hated it? Wish it meant another few years? Have at.

Spoilers? Yes, absolutely. Fights? Only if they’re polite.


Thoughts on Think

This is an immersion that just isn’t possible in graphic games, where emotes are primarily canned, and NPC interactions are all scripted. It’s the sort of immersion where the think command, visible only to the player (and on occasion certain psionically gifted individuals) becomes a valid part of play.


Hugo Ballot Announced

The Hugo nominees for 2009 have been announced. For more information about the award and the voting process see this site. The Hugo Award, first presented in 1953, celebrate the best in the field of science fiction and fantasy. Recipients are chosen by members of the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS). The Hugos are presented […]


Library of Congress “What If” SF / F Forum Presents: Ekaterina Sedia

This Tuesday, Library of Congress’s “What If” Science Fiction and Fantasy Forum Presents featured Ekaterina Sedia, the author of The Secret History of Moscow, and The Alchemy of Stone.


The Hunt for Gollum

Some fans have taken it upon themselves to fill in the gaps in the story with their own film adaptation of the Heir of Isildur’s quest to find the creature Gollum.


A Million Little Pixels

This holiday season, after more than two years of dabbling in last generation game consoles, my wife and I bought an Xbox 360. Now, this is in no way to promote or dissuade you from buying any particular system. I’m discovering they are all bad news. They say that admitting to a substance addiction is the first step in dealing with it. This is the story of our journey into addiction.


Kindle Books on Iphone, Anderson News in More Trouble, Games Workshop Selling Solaris, and more!

Read more than 240,000 Kindle Books on your Iphone or ipod Touch. Anderson News Forced with Bankruptcy Proceedings SF/Fantasy Update: Awards and the Passing of Philip José Farmer Games Workshop Putting Solaris Books Up for Sale New issue of Clarkesworld Magazine is live!


Chemical Magic

The magician pulled kerchiefs from his sleeve, a huge pile of bright-colored silks, never-ending as they fell onto the floor around his shiny leather boots. He stared down at them and knew, no matter how long he kept pulling, that there could never be enough to cover his grief.