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Excerpt from Blood Magic by Matthew Cook

With the power of her blood magic–a dark sorcery even she does not understand–Kirin avenges her twin sister’s murder. Alone, except for the grotesque but loyal creatures she can create from souls and dead flesh, she fights to survive. When the inhuman Mor crawl up from their underground world to wage war, Kirin serves as […]


“Ghetto Man” Roasts the Superfriends

Last week, author Karen Healey (who plays D&D) posted a link to the video clip below. It’s from Legends of the Superheroes, a live-action Superfriends variety show. You heard me.

There were only two one-hour specials, and it’s not surprising given the quality on display. The clip is from episode two: The Roast, and features one of the celebrity roasters: Ghetto Man.

You really just need to watch it for yourself. Then we can have a chat about it. Also, yes, that is the real Ed McMahon.


Movie News: Frank Miller Likes Jason Statham As the Next “Daredevil”


Female, Muslim, and Mutant

Meet “Dust,” or Sooraya Qadir, a burqa-garbed adolescent Afghan girl who has the ability, as shown in the scene above, to shape into sandstorms and tear the skin off her enemies. She has been a member of Marvel Comic’s X-Men since her first appearance in 2002 and she currently appears regularly in the Young X-Men comic books. In the male-dominated world of comic books where female characters are depicted with large breasts and skimpy skin-tight (or lack of) clothing, it’s interesting to examine whether or not Dust and other Muslim super-heroines escape the sexual objectification and sexism that women often suffer in comic books. Are the Muslim women subjected to stereotypes? Are they doomed to the same fate of other female characters? Does the “male gaze” still apply? The answers are fairly complex when applied to the character of Dust and other Muslim characters in both American and non-American comics.


Literature News: Goes Live, New Short Fiction Podcast, Save Yourself from “Breaking Dawn”


Guttersnipe: Girls Do Play D&D

I loved fantasy and adventure and brave heroes and cunning spies and noble Halflings. And yet, I didn’t play my first game of Dungeons & Dragons until I was 23.

Because D&D was for boys.

Really, that was it. I really didn’t get into the habit of questioning my own assumptions about what was and wasn’t for anyone until I hit my late teens.


We Love Doctor Who

Since the Doctor Who finale aired in America this past Friday, the season is officially over for American, British (and possibly Canadian?) fans. No new series until 2010, but we have a Christmas episode to look forward to, at least. To stave off the withdrawal symptoms that are bound to come any second now, we’re collecting Doctor Who videos in a playlist over on YouTube. Check out a Doctor Who boom de yada clip, some fan-edited versions of the Time Crash special from last year, John Barrowman singing, and interviews with the actors.


Blogging News: How Blogs Can Save Books, Oscar for the Dark Knight

Will Blogs Save Books? The Huffington Post Has an Answer and a Challenge … Catherynne Valente: How to Write a Novel in 30 Days Nerd Tunes Abound in io9’s SF Mixtape of Doom Wired Magazine Reveals the Rejection Letter that Time Forgot John Scalzi Doesn’t Think It’s Too Early to Speculate about “Dark Knight”‘s Oscar […]


Lit News: Steampunk Confessions; Blogging Hookers Save The World

Science Fiction Poetry Association Announces 3rd Annual Contest; This Year, It’s All About Energy Gene Wolfe, Larry Niven, Ekaterina Sedia, Holly Black and More Answer: What About Worldbuilding? Reality Break Podcast Interview of Kelley Eskridge; You’ll Want Her Collection “Dangerous Space” In Comics This Week, Don’t Be Surprised to Find Blogging Hookers Saving the World […]


John Barrowman Knows His Fans

For those who don’t know, Torchwood’s John Barrowman is not just a (pretty, pretty) actor, he’s also a star of the stage. Barrowman has been in many Broadway and West End productions and has a voice to prove it. The producers can’t stop him from breaking out in Cole Porter songs on the set of Torchwood (not that they would want to).

But even more fun for fans of Doctor Who is this concert performance where he adapts the lyrics of “The Wizard and I” from Wicked to make his fangirls scream (and scream they do). Listen to “The Doctor and I” and don’t be embarrassed if you scream, too.