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Excerpt from Blackness Tower by Lillian Stewart Carl

Lillian Stewart Carl spins a magical tale of a young Texas woman who travels to northern Scotland to learn about her ancestry. Lauren Reay discovers much more at Blackness Tower, an ancient sacred site damaged by a tragedy that resonates through the centuries. Only Lauren and the enigmatic owner of Blackness Tower have a chance of healing that damage–if they can survive the dark energies of the past.


Television News: Joss Whedon is Full Of It; Battlestar is Extra Long

J.J. Abrams’s “Fringe” Will Be Dark, Full of Monsters, and Watchable for the Casual Viewer Joss Whedon Reveals Secrets of “Dr. Horrible” and “Dollhouse” in Washington Post Online Chat Whedon, Dushku, and Penikett Talk “Dollhouse” at Comic-Con: “You’re So Full of It,” Says Dushku to Joss io9 Presents Every Possible Way to Look “Horrible” Sci […]


J. Kathleen Cheney, author of Masks of War

Masks of War was inspired by an article that ran in
Smithsonian Magazine last year called ‘Faces of War‘. It took several months for me to come up with the story I wanted, and I spent that whole time worried that someone else was going to write my story before I figured it out.

What are your favorite words?

Defenestration, penultimate, and lugubrious. Although tenebrous is really nice, too. And I’ve always wanted an excuse to use ‘antimacassar’.


The Last Legion Trailer Video

Think that The Last Legion couldn’t possibly be as hilarious as Genevieve makes it out to be? Watch the trailer and see for yourself. Also see how pretty Colin Firth and Aishwarya Rai are! Pretty people make movies better… right?


No Objectivity: Never-Asked Questions about “The Last Legion”

The Last Legion is a sweeping historical epic that follows the last Roman Emperor (aged twelve), Colin Firth as a military general, a bunch of character actors who needed the money, and Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai. One of these people will become Uther Pendragon, but before we get into all that, you’ll have questions. Below, Genevieve helpfully talks you, the Unsuspecting Viewer, through this godforsaken film.

Unsuspecting Viewer: So, Ben Kingsley’s in this?

Genevieve: Yup. He’s a Druid! Or a magician. Or a Jedi. They never say.

Unsuspecting Viewer: Where is he from? That accent’s really shitty.

Genevieve: Foreignlandia.

Unsuspecting Viewer: So, Colin Firth’s in this?

Genevieve: Yup. He’s a General. General Politeness.

Unsuspecting Viewer: Is…that a token black dude?

Genevieve: …yeah.


Our New YouTube Channel

We have a new YouTube channel, check it out. Also, watch a short puppet video by Cambell nominee Mary Robinette Kowal.


Movie News: People Can’t Stop Talking About “The Dark Knight”

Nothing Can Stop “The Dark Knight,” According to io9 Cinema Blend Gives Us 5 Reasons “The Dark Knight” Is Better Than “Batman Begins” The Wall Street Journal Asks Us: What’s the Political Morality Tale Behind “Dark Knight”? The Hathor Legacy Wants to Know Why Chris Nolan Totally Wasted Maggie Gyllenhaal Tron Is Back, and This […]


Fantasy Magazine Looking For Audio Dramas to Podcast

In 2009 Fantasy Magazine will add audio dramas to our suite of podcasts. To that end, from September 1 – November 15, we will accept audio script submissions for the first season.

Scripts should run 30 – 60 minutes and follow traditional radio play format. We prefer plays that will require five or fewer actors.

Though we will lean more heavily toward dramas in the fantasy genre, we will look at science fiction and dark/horror tales. Any good script with elements of the fantastic is game. Keep in mind that we’re looking for many of the same qualities in audio drama that we look for in our fiction. Scripts should emphasize character, dialogue, and a good story over relying heavily on sound effects and cool tricks.


Hulk On A Plane

Earlier this week we exposed you to the madness that was Galactica 1980. Perhaps some shows should never see the light of DVD, but what can you do? Still, there are some old SF/F shows that hold up over time. The Incredible Hulk is one. Hulu has 15 episodes from the first season up so far, including one that made me afraid to fly for months: 747. That’s right, Hulk on a plane! He even tries to pilot it.


Ekaterina Sedia, author of The Alchemy of Stone

Last week we gave you a peek at Ekaterina Sedia’s new book, The Alchemy of Stone. This week Fantasy columnist and costume geek Genevieve Valentine gives us a glimpse at the gears and cogs of the world and characters Sedia created for this amazing new book:

Valentine: [The Alchemy of Stone is] a very complicated story! It tackles feminism, free will, class struggle, and religion. What do you expect will be the most polarizing aspects of this book?

Sedia: I hope that everyone will love the book and buy many copies. I suspect however that books that are explicitly identified as concerned with, say, gender politics will be perceived as agenda books — in a way that books with a strapping hero who restores the heir to the throne and marries a princess would not be, even though both are equally political. I do hope for the discussion about gender roles and class assumptions in fantasy; I do hope for critical interest. Polarization — not so much, even though we both know that some folks will hear about the book and only think ‘girl cooties.’

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