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News & Opinion: Making Sci-Fi Girly; Objectification of Women in Graphic Novels

Digital Femme Presents Black Women, Comics, and You The Objectification of Women in Graphic Novels @ BrokenMystic Biology in SF on Stories That Inspire and Hinder Real Science Megan McArdle on Making Sci-Fi Girly


Gamer+Girl: Boobs in the Tubes

If you follow video game news on the internet at all, you’re probably aware that gaming culture has something of a boob fixation. On the bulk of mainstream gaming blogs, discussion of characters’ breasts — and also those of players and game creators — is pretty much constant. But even amidst the eternal stream of “I’d hit that”s and “Top Ten Gaming Hotties” lists, there are always a few boob-related gaming news moments that really stand out…


“The Chosen One” vs. The One Who Chooses

“The Chosen One” is a very specific trope in F/SF. Whether by a seer, some higher power or force, or simply because of their particular bloodline, characters are chosen for some great destiny that often includes a fight between the forces of good and evil. A prime example of this is Harry Potter from the very popular series by J.K. Rowling. Like most “Chosen One” heroes, Harry leads a normal life before his difference is revealed. From that moment on his life is no longer his own but pledged to the service of destiny. Although in Harry’s case this is complicated by the fact that there are two revelations; the revelation that he’s a wizard–which while amazing to us just makes him normal for a wizard instead of normal for a human–and the revelation that his ability to repel Voldemort’s attacks are what set him apart. This type of character usually spends the remainder of the story, book, or series fighting evil but obsessed with trying to revert to his previous life where everything was normal and the shadows under the bed were just shadows. This is very different character from the protagonist that I like to call The One Who Chooses…


Lit News: Remembering Thomas Disch; Dave McKean Gallery Show; Hindering Science

Salon Books: Liz Hand Remembers Thomas M. Disch Dave McKean Show Opens at Merry Karnowsky Gallery New Books This Week: Year’s Best SF, Naomi Novik, and More Interview with Vera Nazarian @ Bibliophile Stalker Interview with Robert Silverberg @ Pyr-o-mania SF Stories That Inspire and Hinder Real Science, @ io9


Randym Thoughts: Is Our Nation Safe from Terrorists Trolls?

…if the government were to listen to most sci-fi television writers, then in the case of terrorist attack they’d either activate the nuclear self-destruct device, or attempt to reverse the polarity or shield harmonics of whatever thingymajiggy the terrorists use. Roll end credits.

But while we may be ready in actuality for the Andromeda Strain (as seen in the recently released mini-series), I’m pretty certain our government is completely unprepared for, say, attack by evil fairies…


TV News: Dr. Horrible Ends Horribly; Middlemen Rocks; Shatner Doesn’t Ever Stop

First Act of Joss Whedon’s “Dr. Horrible” Musical Released, Blows Internet Apart with Traffic, But Ultimately Fails io9 Says: You Fools! Why Are You Not Watching “The Middleman”? William Shatner Has New Interview Show, “Shatner’s Raw Nerve” J.J. Abrams’s New “Fringe” Won’t Be Science-y or Impenetrable for Viewers “Lost” Actor’s Contract Questions Spark Some Theories […]


Galactica 1980 First Season Online

We know you all love the new Battlestar Galactica, and some of you out there are fans of the original. But many fans would like to forget the sad case that was Galactica 1980.

Set during the year 1980, and a generation after the original series, the Galactica and its fleet of 220 civilian ships have finally discovered Earth, only to find that its people have forgotten much of the technology that the Thirteenth Tribe of humanity brought with it, and as a direct result, the planet cannot defend itself against the Cylons as originally hoped. Therefore, teams of Colonial warriors are covertly sent to the planet to work incognito with various members of the scientific community, hoping to advance Earth’s technology…


Movie News: Wonder Woman Concept Art; Dark Knight Reviews; WALL-E

Five Reasons “The Dark Knight” Is Better Than “Batman Begins” Sci Fi Weekly Checks in with Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan on “The Dark Knight” Moviehole Interviews “Hellboy”‘s Ron Perlman About “Hellboy II” It Turns Out Environmentalist Wall-E Is a Right-Wing Hero Hollywood Is Aiming for Your Toybox Wonder Woman: Concept Art and Finished Product […]


The New Fantasy Magazine

No Blog For A Beer as the Fantasy staff are all gathered at Readercon this weekend. But as today is the official launch of our new design, we wanted to inform you of some of the new things you’ll see around the magazine from now on. First, take a look at the Subscription page where […]


Excerpt from The Alchemy of Stone by Ekaterina Sedia

WE SCALE THE ROUGH BRICKS OF THE BUILDING’S FACADE. Their crumbling edges soften under our claw-like fingers; they jut out of the flat, adenoid face of the wall to provide easy footholds. We could’ve used fire escapes, we could’ve climbed up, up, past the indifferent faces of the walls, their windows cataracted with shutters; we could’ve bounded up in the joyful cacophony of corrugated metal and barely audible whispers of the falling rust shaken loose by our ascent. We could’ve flown.

But instead we hug the wall, press our cheeks against the warm bricks; the filigree of age and weather covering their surface imprints on our skin, steely-gray like the thunderous skies above us. We rest, clinging to the wall, our fingertips nestled in snug depressions in the brick, like they were made especially for that, clinging. We are almost all the way to the steep roof red with shingles shaped like fish scales.

We look into the lone window lit with a warm glow, the only one with open shutters and smells of sage, lamb, and chlorine wafting outside. We look at the long bench decorated with alembics and retorts and colored powders and bunches of dried herbs and bowls of watery sheep’s eyes from the butcher’s shop down the alleyway. We look at the girl.

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