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Blog for a beard!

Welcome to Fantasy Friday! Every week, you are invited to write and post something having to do with fantasy, science fiction, etc., right here in the comments. At 5 p.m. PST today, if we’ve got at least ten participants, we’ll choose the day’s most entertaining or thought-provoking contributor and PayPal them $10 on the spot.

This week, we’re taking inspiration from Conan O’Brien and his colleagues who’ve been refusing to shave as long as they have to go on TV while the Writer’s Guild strike remains unresolved — thus our usual “blog for a beer” contest has become “blog for a beard!” Post something that has something to do with genre television. Raves? Rants? Ideas? Or if — the gods forbid! — your favorite show never recovers from the strike, how would YOU wrap up its storylines? The winner, in addition to their cash prize, will get a beard Photoshopped onto their portrait by our crack graphics team.

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