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Happy Fantasy Friday everyone!

Just so you know, we finally chose a winner last week. It was tough because, damn, a lot of those comments were awesome. In the end, Alethea won out with her funny and creepy offering. Congrats! There were several others that amused or impressed us, including “American Gothic”, “Pollen Day/Yellow Day” (the sinuses voted for that one), and “God’s Holiday”.

On to this week! Every week, you are invited to write and post anything having to do with fantasy, science fiction, etc., right here in the comments: your picks for this year’s awards, a bit of a story you’re trying to write, secret tales from Norwescon, who you think is the weirdest person on the 85 Weirdest list, or anything else. At 5 p.m. PST today, if we’ve got at least ten participants, we’ll choose the day’s most entertaining writer and PayPal them $10 on the spot. Go start your weekend off with a cold one on us! (Minors, make that a couple of hot chocolates.) Bonus: if we have some second or third place winners, they’re eligible for books appearing on the Hugo and Locus Award ballots.

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