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It’s Fantasy Friday again! Every week we invite the readers to comment here on some science fiction and fantasy related topic. This week we want to discuss Comics & Movies. Iron Man opens today, and some folks, at least, think that the movie is better than the comic it was based on. Some movies based on comics transcend the source and work, some stick close to the source and completely fail. Some comic movies start out awesome, but then fall prey to sequel disease (I’m looking at you X-Men, and you Spider-man). Which comic-based movies are awesome? Which suck? What’s more important for you, adhering closely to the source or reinterpretation for the medium? And what of Iron Man? Do you agree with io9 that “Iron Man is one of the most boring characters in the history of comics”?

At 12PM PST tomorrow we’ll pick the best of the commenters and send them $10 for a beer (or latte, or mineral water, or whatever liquid is most appealing and yet affordable).

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