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Blog for a beer!

Welcome to Fantasy Friday! Every week, you are invited to write and post something having to do with fantasy, science fiction, etc., right here in the comments. This week’s theme is: The Hugo Awards.

It’s time for nominations, and people are posting recs for books, stories, authors, and films/TV. Wouldn’t be awesome if someone nominated you? Not for any of the usual categories, but for something you posted right here on Fantasy Friday. Give us your best Hugo-worthy words. Convince us that you should be a nominee (but keep it to 500 words or less!).

At 5 p.m. PST today, if we’ve got at least ten participants, we’ll choose the day’s most award-worthy writer and PayPal them $10 on the spot. Go start your weekend off with a cold one on us! (Minors, make that a couple of hot chocolates.)

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