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Blog For A Beer: Best/Worst Of The Year

Welcome to Fantasy Friday everyone. It’s time to Blog for a Beer. (Click here for the rules.)

It’s December, and you know what that means: lists.  Specifically Best Of lists.  We humans have this need to look back over a meaningful section of time and decide on the most awesome things they experienced in that time period.  Exciting, right?

What you don’t see too often is Worst Of lists.  The biggest piles of crap you had the misfortune to witness within a calendar year.  Stuff you wish you could forget but you can’t.  So, instead, you rant about it.

Over the next three weeks we’re going to compile some Best Of/Worst Of lists, and you’re going to help.  Why, you ask?  Because we might give you $10 if you do!

We’ll start with something easy this week: Movies.  What are the 5 best genre movies you saw this year?  How about the 5 worst?  (And I’m talking about movies in the theater, not direct-to-DVD stinkers or, Zuul help us, Sci-Fi Channel clunkers.)  Whatever movies you choose, you have to back it up.  Convince us.  Because we’re going to put together the definitive Best/Worst Movies of 2008 list and we will defend it… to the death.

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