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Blog For A Beer: Doctor Who — Going Strong or Deathbed Bound?

Welcome to Fantasy Friday everyone. It’s time to Blog For A Beer! (Click here for the rules) Each week we give readers a chance to blog on a science fiction or fantasy-related topic, from comic book movies to favorite authors to which tabletop game is best.

I considered a lot of topics for this week, but knowing how much our readers love Doctor Who, and since the announcement of the new Doctor rocked the fandom a few days ago, I felt I would be remiss if I didn’t give you all a chance to talk about it.

I was not impressed with the choice of Matt Smith, but then I’m becoming disenchanted with Doctor Who in general.  That last Christmas episode was a stinker, and you all know my thoughts ont he season finale from last year.  And though I was excited when I first heard that Stephen Moffat was taking over as lead writer, I’m now quite worried that every episode is going to be the same Mary Sue-fest that we’ve been treated to since season 2.

I’m pretty doom and gloom about Doctor Who, but not everyone is.  Are you excited about the new choice?  Who will the new companion be?  Will Stephen stop writing fanfiction now that he can write as much as he wants?

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