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Blog For A Beer: Fall TV, Exciting or More of the Same?

Hey everyone, it’s Fantasy Friday, and that means it’s time to Blog for a Beer. (click here for the rules — which have changed slightly!)

Fall TV is creeping up on us.  Okay, not creeping, but coming full force. In a few short weeks many great shows return (Pushing Daisies, The Sarah Connor Chronicles) and new shoes premiere (Dollhouse, Fringe). But there are also some dubious returns (Heroes)–a show that many once loved that became, shall we say, problematic…

Still, there are some other things on the horizon that make me go “What the–?”  Like the revamp of Knight RiderKnight Rider??  Of all the things one could bring back from the 80’s they settled on Knight Rider?  Didn’t the remake of Fantasy Island teach people anything?  And there’s My Own Worst Enemy, which seems to be a Jekyll & Hyde story with a twist — except the BBC did that not too long ago and I’m certain that this show will hold no candle to that one.  It stars Christian Slater, after all–enough said.

That’s not to mention what may be coming up on HBO, Showtime, Sci Fi channel, and other cable networks.  We have a few good things to choose from.  But does it seem to you that Fall premiere time is no longer as exciting as it once was?  After all, summer is no longer the barren wasteland of reruns and movies of the week it once was.  There were new shows to watch and returning summer-only series to cheer about (or refuse to watch… Eureka).  January is the new September, what with many good shows starting their seasons in the beginning of 2009.

Good TV all year ’round, what a concept!  Still, Fall is traditional.  What shows are you excited to see return?  And what new programs do you think will work out?  Are there tasty treats in store?  Or must we look father forward for anticipation of the good stuff?

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