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Blog For A Beer: Far-Reaching Influence

Welcome to Fantasy Friday everyone. It’s time to Blog For A Beer! (Click here for the rules) Each week we give readers a chance to blog on a science fiction or fantasy-related topic, from comic book movies to favorite authors to which tabletop game is best.

We’re about a third of the way through our rewatch of The Prisoner, so I thought it would be a good time to pause and look back over the first six episodes.  The thing that struck me when I watched this show for the first time a couple of years ago was how much it had influenced SF/F or geek-themed shows and movies I watch.  I never wondered about the references when I didn’t know the source, but now that I do I wonder why I wasn’t more curious.

What elements of The Prisoner have you seen in popular culture?

And what other shows and movies gave you a similar experience?  They’re considered canon or classics, but you didn’t see them until long after everyone else.  Did getting to know that media deepen your appreciation of the things that reference it, or did it just make you feel that much geekier?

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