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Blog For A Beer: Favorite Childhood Cartoons Now On DVD

Welcome to Fantasy Friday everyone.  As always, it’s time to Blog for a Beer!  (click here for the rules.)  We’re pretty sure you’ll love this week’s topic since we almost had an awesome discussion about it two weeks ago:

A few years ago when I first discovered and danced with glee that such a website existed, I went through their extensive list of shows and chose many that I’d like to receive alerts on should there be news about a DVD release.  Some shows I choose out of desperate hope — like Spartakus or The Mysterious Cities of Gold — and some I was pretty sure we’d eventually get — The Real Ghostbusters and Freakazoid.  But lo, the gods of TV on DVD did not disappoint me, and Mysterious Cities has been released in the UK and should be available in region 1 early next year.  (fingerscrossedfingerscrossed)  There’s a glimmer of hope that Spartakus may come out from the same company.  Happy Geek Girl is happy!

Due to the fabulous mini-conversation from two weeks ago, I know many of you out there are happy about Mysterious Cities and Spatakus and a whole host of other cartoons from your childhood that have already come out or may come out or you hope will come out on DVD.  Let’s geek out on old cartoons!  Maybe we’ll even get a top 10 list out of it all.  (That, and $10 for someone…)

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