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Blog For A Beer: Favorite Female Writers

It’s Fantasy Friday, that means another installment of Blog For A Beer! Every week we offer up a bloggy prompt and invite you to discuss and debate the topic. The comments will close at 11:59PM Pacific time Saturday and, if we have at least 10 participants, we’ll award $10 in beer (or sundae, if you’re a minor) money to the most interesting or entertaining contributor after that. Close out the weekend in style!

Jeff Vandermeer recently posted a list of new or under-appreciated female genre writers along with a few words about why he likes them. In light of discussions of gender elsewhere around the blogosphere, it’s a list that’s sure to give pause to anyone who thinks that there aren’t very many women writing genre fiction, be it fantasy or SF. And these are just the writers Jeff likes or has come across–there are many more. So we invite you, dear readers, to share with us who your favorite female genre writers are and why. Be they writers with a solid track record like Eileen Gunn or Nancy Kress, or writers who you’ve only seen a few stories or novels from, but are so far impressed by.

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