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Blog For A Beer: Favorite Holiday-Themed Adaptations

Welcome to Fantasy Friday everyone. It’s time to Blog for a Beer. (Click here for the rules.)

This week we talked about the many and various adaptations of A Christmas Carol in television and movies and a little about episodes that use the It’s A Wonderful Life premise.  Around this time of year you’re bound to see one or both of these stories redone alongside the many other holiday specials and A Christmas Story marathons.

We’d like to know: what are your favorite Christmas Carol or Wonderful Life episodes or movies?  Which shows did it best?  And which shows did it so badly that it made you curse the ghost of Frank Capra and the day Dickens needed money so badly he wrote the novella to begin with?

My favorite is the Christmas Carol episode of The Real Ghostbusters and my least favorite is the movie starring vanessa Williams.  I have nothing against VW, but the whole concept was grating to me by then.  Besides, Cicley Tyson was a better female Scrooge.  I’ve never been particularly fond of Wonderful Life pastiches.

How about you?  Give us your strong and informed opnion on the subject and you could win $10.

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