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Blog For A Beer: Friday the 13th

Welcome to Fantasy Friday everyone. It’s time to Blog For A Beer! (Click here for the rules) Each week we give readers a chance to blog on a science fiction or fantasy-related topic, from comic book movies to favorite authors to which tabletop game is best.

Oh no, it’s Friday the 13th!  Scary!  Run! Hide!

Why?  Isn’t there a new Jason movie out today?  That’s enough to scare me.  Or bore me.  …I’m not a fan.

Let’s talk about Friday the 13th. Not just the movie(s), but, to put it in Wikipedia-speak: Friday the 13th (disambiguation).  Blog about any Ft13-related things.  Are you superstitious about this day?  Do you have a funny/frightening/share-worthy story about a Ft13?  Do you like this new movie?  Were you fans of the old ones?  Do you hate Jason and how annoying he is?  Is Freddy awesomer?  Does anyone even remember the TV series?  (I liked it…)  Do you know something nifty about the origins of Ft13?  Want to make up an origin story and pretend its real? (You get extra points for that.)  Numerology freak?  Triskaidekaphobic?

Leave your comments, as always, below.

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