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Blog For A Beer: Star Wars

Hey everyone, it’s Fantasy Friday, and that means it’s time to Blog for a Beer. (click here for the rules.)

(Somehow the Fantasy gremlins forgot to choose a winner from last week!  ohnoes! An oversight we’ll correct today.)

Let’s talk about Star Wars for a little bit.  Last week The Clone Wars opened to almost universally bad reviews from critics and some fans.  But as it’s meant to be the lead-in for a TV show, we can expect more of the same every week (yay?).

I keep wondering why this movie (and show) is needed, considering the high quality of the Clone Wars mini series that Genndy Tartakovsky did for the Cartoon Network.  Of course, those were short action pieces — reminiscent of Samurai Jack, a show I loved — and not a full-length series.  Still, how much more can Lucas eke out of this period of Star Wars history, especially considering that we already know how it all ends?

What do you think, Fantasy readers — has The Clone Wars driven a stake into the already weak heart of the Star Wars franchise?  Or is there still more life left?  Should it be left alone for another 20 years?  Maybe we’ll have all forgotten how bad The Phantom Menace was by then.

Or maybe not.

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