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Blog for a Beer: Unpopular Opinions

Happy Fantasy Friday, everyone! It’s time to Blog For A Beer. (click here for the rules.)

Today we thought it would be fun to allow you all a little therapy. To give you space to say things you can’t normally say. Fandom is a pretty accepting place, for the most part, but there are a few sacred cows that will get you in trouble if you try and poke at them. For instance, I don’t think Firefly is all that damn great. I am not particularly enamored of Joss Whedon in general, though I did enjoy Buffy. But still, Whedonites make me roll my eyes.

I can say that from the safety of my computer where I have my security system trained to alert me when the fen come with pitchforks. But try saying that in the middle of a con. Or a Buffy panel. *shudder* You’re just asking for it.

What unpopular opinions do you hold? Do you think the latest three Star Wars movies were better than the originals? Do you secretly hate Harry Potter and all he stands for? Are you of the opinion that Twilight is an awesome series? Let it all out here! No one will judge you (much). And you can even say so anonymously. (But you still need to leave your real email address in case you win. No one but the editors can see it, and we won’t hold a grudge.)

Some rules: Your opinions can be as unpopular as you like, but let’s not get personal and start attacking people. You can say “Buffy was bad” but not “Joss Whedon is a baby killer.” It is okay to say “Joss Whedon is overrated” (for example). Keep it to SF/F stuff. Don’t get angry if someone is harsh on your sacred cow, get even! By posting your own unpopular opinion.

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