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Despite the wealth of answers, including Suzanne’s excellent “Whateverpunk,” in which:

Stories about characters who combine whatever aesthetics or ideologies that please them in an attempt to dissassociate themselves from everyone else. Common and identifying symbolism is the frequent use of the phrase “Whatever!” (either by the characters or the reader) and – or sometimes combined with – repeated character action involving the rebellious, outflung palm.

An example might be: steam-powered clockwork monkeys who wear black lipstick and wield lollipops. Their mission: to help reduce our carbon footprint by turning monster trucks (or any gas-guzzling vehicle) into pine trees. The down side is that they may decide to turn your GGV into a pine tree while you may be sitting in it, and no one has discovered yet what happens to you, or whether that’s an appropriate or legal option.

In the end I couldn’t help but go with anything but Todd Vandemark’s prediction for the latest -punk:

TrunkPunk – Add clockworks and a touch of brass (or the ilk) to any unsold “trunk” story you might have. Send it off to the latest *punk revival anthology. Voila.

Congrats, Todd, you’ll be receiving a munificent $10 via Paypal!

All punkish notions aside, the end of the year is approaching fast — can you hear it, that distant jingle of bells and the sounds of Saturnalia? Now’s the time for thinking back about the past year. So tell us now — what’s the best fantasy, whether in the form of short story, book, movie, TV show, play or some other fantastic configuration? Two names will be chosen from the comments to receive a copy of Eoin Colfer’s And Another Thing, the sixth installment of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Superman: The Complete Animated Serieson DVD.

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