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Blog for a Billet

Picking the winner of last week’s Blog for an Invisible Bunny was pretty hard. Glenn’s news story about the bailout of Unicorn Industries was a particular favorite, but in the end we had to go with J.M. McDermott‘s sad comment:

I’m going to be sad all weekend because I don’t have a Hobbes. Thanks for ruining my weekend, Fantasy Magazine.

All we can say to that is, “You’re welcome!” and proffer a hope that your winnings will assuage the pangs of your un-Hobbesed existence.

This week, ideas were sparked by the title of this week’s story, Sergey Gerasimov’s The Most Dangerous Profession, got us thinking about fantasy professions. What are the dangerous but alluring professions you’ve seen in fantasy literature – dragon tamer? witch hunter? ghostbuster? What are your thoughts on such matters as hazard pay or vacations? If you could write your own fantasy job description, what would it involve? As always, the comment that is deemed the most entertaining, amusing, or (as evidenced by last week’s winner), the most pathetic. (Just kidding, really.)