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This Friday we’re asking—what are the online publications (whether fantasy, spec-fic, or more general) that you read and why?

Here’s are some of my favorites:

Abyss & Apex – Short fiction and poetry that is invariably solid stuff.

Brain Harvest – Speculative flash fiction, often very cutting edge.

The Escapist – Nonfiction and “the mouthpiece of the gaming generation”. A wide range of articles with an active community.

Io9 – Nonfiction about science fiction, and lots of awesome. Recent good stuff includes a zombie pin-up calendar, robot posters, and what women will look like in the future.

Strange Horizons – Fiction, poetry and articles. Some favorite SH fiction: Carol Emshwiller’s A Safe Place To Be, Shweta Narayan’s Charms, Genevieve Valentine’s 29 Union leaders Can’t Be Wrong and Bespoke. SH is often the best source for superhero fiction, including Leah Bobet’s They Fight Crime!, Tony Frazier’s No Love For The Middleman, and Paul Melko’s Doctor Mighty and the Case of Ennui.

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