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Last week’s Blog for a Borg, asked:

What are people’s favorite and least favorite [Star Trek] episodes of the past?

And the winner was The Little Fluffy Cat. Mail us to collect your winnings, Little Fluffy Cat.

For Next Gen, it was the episode where Piccard is kidnapped and left on a planet with an alien captain from a species that communicates in stories.

How do you communicate if you don’t know another person’s cultural references?

And ST answered the question. Learn the other person’s cultural references, because when you do, you can understand them. When you do, you can talk to them, and they can talk to you. Communication can happen.

And communication is, to mix my show metaphors, a sonic spanner that can fix anything.

I still tear up when I watch Patrick Stewart telling the story of Gilgamesh, and when I watch him tell the alien captain’s number one what happened on the planet. To me that one show embodies all the best of Trek philosophy.

This week, in Alison Campbell-Wise’s “Revisionist History,” a young married couple find a magic marker that can rewrite their history. If you could choose one mundane household item to be your magic reviser, which item would you choose and how would you use it?

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