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Blog for a Punk

Over on Jeff VanderMeer’s blog, guest blogger Caren Gussoff asks about the next movement to come along and get the word “punk” stuck on the end. She proposes “plaguepunk”:

Now, I’m only half-serious, and I know that the death of 25 million within a 5 year span is poor fodder for a half-baked comedy stick, but think about it–the loss of that large of a percent of the population in such a short time seems like a historical pivot point where you know things could have gone really, really differently. Sure, plaguepunk costuming wouldn’t be as fun as steampunk—tunics, doublets, and latex buboes, anyone?–but there were underestimated scientific strides being made within monastery walls and in agrarian technology (girl’s gotta eat).

So let’s keep that discussion rolling and ask what it is about the word punk that somehow gets it in trouble like this: cyberpunk, steampunk, clockpunk, greenpunk… and what’s it going to get itself into next? For me, it seems like the punk part gets forgotten a lot in these movements and is just there for branding purposes. What do you think? The most outstanding comment, whether it’s for insight, humor, or outrageousness, wins ten bucks at the end of the week.