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Last week’s winner from the Blog for an Amuse-Bouche contest is Randy Herderson, whose menu items included:

Deglazed mermaid on a small cake of Sam’s Famous taters. The nice thing is you can eat these in complete confidence that the mermaids were captured without the use of nets, so no selkies were harmed in their harvesting.

Drop us a line to tell us what e-mail address to Paypal your winnings to, Randy!

This week’s reprint, Miss Cubbidge and the Dragon of Romance, got me thinking about fantasy companions. There’s scads of them in fantasy literature, including notables such as Miss Cubbidge’s companion, Harvey the Invisible Rabbit and his scarier counterpart in the movie Donnie Darko, or Nesbit’s Psammead. Anne McCaffrey’s books frequently feature draconic companions, sized from fire lizard to full-scale dragon. Let’s not even go into how many Dar the Beastmaster, of classic B-movie fame boasts, including Kodo and Podo the ferrets. Admit it, you too have secretly wished for your very own daemon, such as Philip Pullman’s Pantalaimon?

Some of us may have adopted a few beasties as imaginary companions in childhood, or named our real pets after them. So here’s this week’s invitation to comment – who are the fantasy nonhuman companions you really loved, and why? If you were to choose your perfect companion or daemon, what would it be? As always, the author of the comment that entertains or intrigues us most will receive a munificent prize of $10, suitable for taking any invisible companions out for a cup of joe.

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