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Happy Halloween and welcome to Fantasy Friday! It’s time to Blog for a Beer (click here for the rules). This week’s prompt comes courtesy of our esteemed fiction editor, Cat Rambo.

I recently asked on my blog, Does anyone else feel like they’re just spinning in space, holding their breath and waiting to see what happens with the U.S. elections? People immediately started posting their agreement. One of the reasons we’re so impatient to have it over and done with is that this election feels particularly significant – to some of us at a Star Wars type level. I’ve seen more people speaking out about politics this year than ever before, and I find it a hopeful trend.

I’ve been wondering about politics and f&sf as a result. There’s some outright political writers out there and there’s others who wouldn’t touch politics with a ten foot pole. Where do you tend to fall, and why? Are there writers whose stance on one side of the fence or the other changes your opinion of them? And what’s the really good political f&sf?

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