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Contest: Fantasy In The Wild

We’ve all passed along books to friends and family, hoping that they’ll enjoy them too. But have you ever given a fantasy book to a non-fantasy reader and watched their confusion? “What is all this…elf stuff?” they ask. “Vampires? Isn’t that for kids?” And then we sigh and move along, wishing they understood.

Fantasy Magazine wants to promote fantasy, for obvious reasons. So we’re wondering — what are the gateway books, the fantasy works that compel even the most-resistant reader into enjoyment?

With your help, we plan to find these titles and release them into the wild, following the example of the excellent site, BookCrossing. Once there, our nefarious scheme involves tracking their progress as they recruit a new crop of fantasy readers. Will you help out?

Step One: Over the next week, we’ll be gathering a list of the fantasy works readers most love and revere, the most infectious, reader-grabbing fantasy works of all time. Once we’ve got that list, we’ll start winnowing it down, with your help, and hopefully discovering some awesome specimens to release. Through August, we’ll be pitting books against each other and gathering our champions to set free at the end of the month. To encourage you, let me mention that if you are the first person to suggest one of the titles that ends up being released, you will win not just the satisfaction of knowing what good taste you have, but a surprise as well.

So start us off! Who do you recommend?

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