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Win A Copy of Fangland by John Marks

Fantasy readers, here’s another opportunity for you to show how talented and creative you are and win a fabulous book in the process. Up for grabs: John Marks’ Fangland.

FanglandIn the annals of business trips gone horribly wrong, Evangeline Harker’s journey to Romania on behalf of her employer, the popular television newsmagazine The Hour, deserves pride of place. Sent to Transylvania to scout out a possible story on a notorious Eastern European crime boss named Ion Torgu, she has found the true nature of Torgu’s activities to be far more monstrous than anything her young journalist’s mind could have imagined. The fact that her employer clearly won’t get the segment it was hoping for is soon the very least of her concerns.

Back in New York, Evangeline’s disappearance causes an uproar at the office and a wave of guilt and recrimination. Then suddenly, several months later, she’s heard from: miraculously, she’s convalescing in a Transylvania monastery, her memory seemingly scrubbed. But then who was sending e-mails through her account to The Hour employees? And what are those great coffin-like boxes of objects delivered to the office in her name from the Old Country? And why does the show’s sound system appear to be infected with some strange virus, an aural bug that coats all recordings in a faint background hiss that sounds like the chanting of…place-names? And what about the rumors that a correspondent has scored an interview with Torgu, here in New York, after all? As a very dark Old World atmosphere deepens in the halls of one of America’s most trusted television programs, its employees are forced to confront a threat beyond their wildest imaginings, a threat that makes gossip about an impending corporate shakeup seem very quaint indeed.

Want to win a copy of Fangland? You know you do! Entering is easy. Just write a bit of flash fiction (under 750 words) in the spirit of Fangland–stories based on a classic science fiction, fantasy, or horror tales but updated to modern settings/situations. Obviously, with so few words, you won’t be able to cover everything. You can submit a something partial, or in media res, a beginning, a middle, an end. Get creative and blow us away.


1. All entries must be based on classic works so as to limit the amount of legal headaches from copyright issues. Anything in the public domain is fair game.

2. Participants can submit up to three entries of up to 750 words each. Anyone who submits more than three entries may be disqualified.

3. To submit, paste your entry into the comment area of this post. Please include an actual, working email address when you comment. Only the editors can see it.

4. Contest ends on Wednesday, April 23rd @ 11:59PM PST. Winners will be announced the next week.

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