From Modern Mythcraft to Magical Surrealism



The Lodger at Wintertide

Sibley set dinner in front of the nursery children, beef stew and thick slices of bread from which they could pluck the carrots and soft middles respectively. Naughty children, she signed to them as she took her seat at the head of the table and spread her napkin over her lap. A chorus of waving […]

His One True Bride

“I wish to speak with you on this path and there will be no end to my speaking. You will not be able to do otherwise than listen because I have bound you fast.” —the Holy Spirit to Blessed Angela of Foligno Day of the Smothered Bride Light came into me again today. I was […]


I. How to Build a Mourning Dove First, take your husband’s awkward, enthusiastic letters from the night-stand drawer, the ones he wrote on his way from England to India. Take those smooth papers and wad them up tight. Keep your sorrow out of your actions; let the sadness of the letters speak. Use your anger […]

On the Finding of Photographs of My Former Loves

I was out when Lisle found the pictures. She was gone by the time I got home. Leaving was unlike her, but she did it anyway, packing her things and taking off while I was out doing the Saturday afternoon shopping. She’d left me a note on the kitchen table. I sat down to read […]

The Shadow in the Mirror

On Wednesday nights, I talk to my dead sister though a silver mirror. It is always Wednesday, and always night, no matter what the season of the year. In winter, I can begin speaking to her in the early hours of the evening, after the last rays of the sun have slipped into darkness. In […]

The Small Door

Only two more months to the end of school, and like a tantalizing forerunner to summer, the fair came to town. Sal saw the carnies setting up rides as the bus crawled by the arena parking lot that Thursday morning. The Sizzler, the Tumbler, the Tilt-a-Whirl. The Ferris Wheel, unlit and seatless, leaning on its […]

Mirror Images

i. In the beveled mirror over Don’s dining table, mine is an ex-wife’s face. Broomstick hair crackles around hollow, harried eyes that look like a beaten dog’s. I could lick or bite without warning. My reflection regards the divorce papers Don’s lawyers drafted to rob me of the house we bought with Don’s coin and […]

A Word Without Ghosts

Wendy was wrapped in an old green blanket. She smelled the musk of it, the smell of mold-eaten clothing hovering on the edge of her awareness. She was trapped in the blanket, suffocating in the blanket. From outside of her cocoon she heard footsteps against metal, footsteps on broken leaves. Footsteps snapping a twig or […]

The Cinnamon Cavalier

One fine May afternoon the Cavalier popped out of the baking ovens of the Giant King’s castle. Since he was intended from the first for the King’s only daughter and only child, no effort had been spared. The heat of the kitchen shimmered in the sunlight as he was brought forth. It is a truism […]


A year ago my boyfriend became invisible. I woke up early one morning to an empty space beside me, the sheet and pillow still indented from where he’d slept. I reached out a hand to see if his pillow was still warm and accidentally poked him in the eye. “Ow!” he shouted. “What was that […]