From Modern Mythcraft to Magical Surrealism




Three days before Eliana Stein found the girl made from bronze, the stocky Botanist noted the passing of her twelfth year living in the Aremika Shaft, though she did not celebrate it. That was the kind of woman she was: pragmatic because she lived alone, modest because her vanity did not extend to her celebrating […]

Shedding Her Own Skin

“You can never trust a nahual,” her mother said, “because you cannot be certain if you are speaking to the animal or the man.” When the chickens disappeared her mother placed her scissors under the bed to ward off the nahual. Her four brothers were more practical, and after consulting with their uncle, their father […]

Keeping Lilly

I don’t know where she came from. It was just that one day she wasn’t there, and the next, she was. My brother and I lived beside a lake on the edge of the town. My name is Stella. Jack was a hunter, and I was a fisher. Every morning when he left for the […]


My brother has turned into a swan, which makes it hard to concentrate during band practice. After one particularly loud honk that should have been a B flat, Mr. Zankowski starts to shake his head when he looks at me. Which reminds me of the way Mary Anne Bosnick shook her head this morning when she noticed the white feather stuck to the back of my plaid skirt.

Elsbeth Rose

Traveller Yud climbed up the stairs and was on the landing between fifty-five and fifty-six when he finally stopped to rest. Elsbeth Rose put a last, bold stroke of red on the canvas when the knock on the door came and she sighed and laid the brush down gently and went to answer it. The […]

Soft, Like a Rabbit

When the roses got sick was the first time Maggie realized she could fix things. Mommy was very angry at the ugly, gray spots on the stems. She called them something like lee-shuns and said it had to do with fungus. Maggie didn’t know about that, but she was upset when the buds drooped over […]

The Dead Girl’s Wedding March

Once upon a time a dead girl lived with the other zombies in the caverns below the port of Tabat, in the city beneath that seaside town, the city that has no name. Thousands of years ago, the Wizard Sulooman plunged the city, buildings and all, into the depths of the earth, and removed its […]

During the Dance

Dad stopped drinking the day my sister was born. He called her his angel, and the booze didn’t take him back until she died. He came drunk to the funeral, crying and roaring, loud enough for two parents, loud enough to make up for Mam’s silence. At the end, the men had to hold him […]

Manuel and the Magic Fox

Manuel Lainez walked across the reddish sand of the Playas Valley. The sun almost touched a low mountain range that hid the town of Lordsburg from view, and Manuel picked up his step. He had lingered at the Navajo reservation for too long, in thrall to his uncle’s tales, and now he hurried back home, […]

Sparking Anger

Lisa dug up the first skull just before sunset, as the last light streaked the stony earth of the garden. Her hands recognized it before her eyes did, and she jerked away, rocking back onto her heels so violently she almost hit the patio. From behind her, the sound of an angry string section started […]