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In This Issue: July 2011 (Issue 52)

Editorial, July 2011

Welcome to issue fifty-two of Fantasy Magazine! Here’s what we’ve got on tap this month … Fiction: “Union Falls” by J. S. Breukelaar, “The Machine” by M. Rickert, “The Wolves of Brooklyn” by Catherynne M. Valente, “Swans” by Kelly Link. Nonfiction: “When Wizards Rock” by Wendy N. Wagner, “Feature Interview: Jacqueline Carey” by Hannah Strom-Martin, “Conversations With Wolves” by Lauren Davis, “The Princess is Dead, Long Live the Princess!” by Hannah Pilinovsky.

Artist Spotlight: Chen Wei

I intentionally leave some brushstrokes and color laid down in “tiles.” These can make the piece more like a real painting, not like a lifeless CG product.

Union Falls

But the girl was kicking off her other shoe and at the Casio before Deel had worked out but what. And what she pounded out with her feet was Meatloaf’s “Bat Out of Hell.”

Author Spotlight: J. S. Breukelaar

My stories are peopled by chance encounters. By dream characters, minor players in novels who get under my skin, stuff on the cutting room floor, a stray bar of music or scrap of lyric.

When Wizards Rock

Sauron, Cthulhu, and Death Eaters be warned: Wizards were meant to rock.

The Machine

Graveyards creak with too many bones, and the weight of headstones, and when the wind blows the air is dusty with the dead. Ah life, its hoary inevitability. What’s the point?

Author Spotlight: M. Rickert

I suppose there are people who live completely productive, happy, generous lives without even considering the ugliness of humanity.

Feature Interview: Jacqueline Carey

Jacqueline Carey exploded onto the fantasy scene in 2001 with the publication of Kushiel’s Dart. Readers responded enthusiastically to Carey’s edgy mixture of intrigue, adventure, and eroticism.

The Wolves of Brooklyn

It was snowing when the wolves first came, loping down Flatbush Ave., lithe and fast, panting clouds, their paws landing with a soft, heavy sound like bombs falling somewhere far away.

Author Spotlight: Catherynne M. Valente

Whenever I go back to Brooklyn I think of my wolves, now. I think that’s my favorite part of this piece, how it changed the way I saw the city.

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