From Modern Mythcraft to Magical Surrealism


In This Issue: March 2011 (Issue 48)

The Sandal-Bride

Pilgrims always cried when they crested the hill and saw the spires of Miruna; they usually fell to their knees right in the middle of traffic. All I saw was the gate that led to the Night Market.

Author Spotlight: Genevieve Valentine

Whenever you travel, you see glimpses of people who you’ll probably never see again. Some people get very curious about that, and some people hardly notice; the story sprang from the idea of two such people meeting.

Three Real Historical Figures Who Embarked Upon the Hero’s Journey

History is filled with examples of travels grander in scale than could have been imagined beforehand, each one managing to change the world in some way as a result.

Artist Spotlight: Scott Grimando

An illustrator’s job is to tell a story with an image. The viewer must be drawn in to study what’s going on in the picture. It’s that interaction with the audience that I find compelling.

Editorial, March 2011

Welcome to issue forty-eight of Fantasy! On tap this month… Fiction: The Sandal-Bride by Genevieve Valentine, The Dog King by Holly Black, The God Orkrem by Tanith Lee, The Lonely Songs of Laren Dorr by George R. R. Martin. Nonfiction: Three Real Historical Figures Who Embarked Upon the Hero’s Journey by Graeme McMillan, Five Fantasy Worlds That You Wouldn’t Want to Visit by Te Jefferson & J. Corbeau, Feature Interview: Steven Erikson by Andrew Bayer, From Story to Screen by LaShawn Wanak.

The Dog King

Some say that they can rise up on two legs and speak as men, that nimble fingers can chip away at hinges, that their voices can call promises and pleas through keyholes, that they are not quite what they seem.

Author Spotlight: Holly Black

We have all had the experience of being so angry that we say something or do something that hurts the people that we love. I think the idea that we have the potential for a monstrous self is very compelling.

Five Fantasy Worlds That You Wouldn’t Want to Visit

Who hasn’t thought of shooting out the eyes of the deserving with an Elven bow? We’ve all been there. But you should actually be really, really glad you haven’t been there at all. Here’s why.

The God Orkrem

To a man bereaved of all as I was, distance and time are only words. For me then, and also now, only one word any more can exist: God. The god Orkrem.

Author Spotlight: Tanith Lee

Fantasy should be as ”real” and lifelike as a contemporary novel or story. In some respects, possibly, a little more so.

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