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Best of Fantasy 2008: Columns

2008 was a year of major changes for Fantasy Magazine online.  We did a major site overhaul in June, not just to our look but also to our non-fiction department.  Readers were treated to many more columns by some amazing guests and beloved regulars.  Here are some of my favorites from last year.  What are yours?

No Objectivity: Dark Kingdom by Genevieve Valentine — Genevieve is a reader favorite, so picking from amongst her many awesome columns was hard.  I have a fondness for this one, though, because it took me quite a long time to code it.  It was worth those hours to bring her vision of an amazing deconstruction of a completely ridiculous movie to life.

No Objectivity: AZTEC REX by Genevieve Valentine — And of course who can forget the Rex?  (No one, obviously, as at least three people land on this page every day from Googling the title of this awful movie.)

Unbreakable Habits: The Lonely God is a Jerk by K. Tempest Bradford — Included because he’s still totally a jerk and I called it.

Guest Column: Saaaay… Why AREN’T there brown elves? by N K Jemisin — This column is just one facet of a very important and very interesting conversation that happens around the SF-sphere all the time.

The Jeremiads: Twenty Things I Learned From Bad 80s Genre Films by Jeremy Tolbert — Who doesn’t love a bad 80s genre film?  We all do.

Guttersnipe: Girls Do Play D&D by Karen Healey — Yep, we do!

Guest Column: Five Thoughts On The Popularity Of Steampunk by Stephen H. Segal — This column broke traffic records, so everyone behind the scenes loves it for that.  But the reason it got so much attention is due to the brilliance of Mr. Segal and his elegant way with words.  When one hits the nail on the head, one will be praised for it.

Randym Thoughts: Punk’d by Randy Henderson – Randy always delivers a funny, insightful column.  For our steampunk week, he went all out.

Crossing Lines: Deconstructing Black Superheroes by Naamen Gobert Tilahun — Naamen rightly took BlackVoices to task for their pathetic list of black superheroes.

Gamer+Girl: How to Get Your Girlfriend into Gaming by Robyn Fleming — 1. Consider dating someone who is already a gamer — FTW!

Why the Twilight Series Bugs Me by Cat Rambo — Because it bugs us all.  Also because the comments never stop and are an endless source of amusement.

Top 12 Latin Superheroes by Ben Francisco — I particularly liked this one because I had no clue some of these superheroes were Latino or that some of them even existed.  And we all know how I love to learn new things.

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