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In the last Blog for A, we talked about cyborgs, and discussed a range of metal men (and women) that included the Terminator, Vic Stone aka Cyborg of the Teen Titans, cylons (particularly Number Six) and the Bladerunner replicants.

In the end, though, in picking a favorite cyborg, I’m going retro, like one of our commentators, who noted:

I have to go with the old-school. Steve Austin is the Man. I just rewatched the first two seasons on DVD, and I was actually amazed at how well the show holds up as entertainment. (though it’s also amazing how many old shows’ plots could have been derailed by someone having a cell phone)

Mail us to claim your winnings, Ryk E. Spoor!

Some of the more popular articles on this site lately have involved vampires, most notably the Twilight and True Blood pieces. So, let’s open us this week’s Blog for a…and ask: What do you want to see in your vampires? Are they dangerously suave or clumsily seductive? What differences in vampire mythos really bug you?

Have you seen the Youtube clip of Buffy versus Edward?

I know we’ve been lax about putting up Blog for A… lately, but look for new ones in July!

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