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Christmas Carols

The Mundanes Have Their Say

The Christmas Carol trope doesn’t just infect genre television. Non-spec shows had their share of ghosts and internal reflection, sometimes with hilarious results.

Blackadder’s Christmas Carol

It’s Blackadder, what more need I say?

Family Ties — “A Christmas Story”

This is from the first season of Family Ties, which is a novelty unto itself. Michael Gross with no beard and a half-assed bowl haircut! Haven’t seen that in a while.

Stroker & Hoop — “Santa and the Christmas Ghosts”

It’s about time someone pulled a gun on those ghosts…

Roseanne: “Halloween IV”

Though A Christmas Carol is clearly a horror story, there aren’t too many shows that play that aspect up. Instead of having a Christmastime Christmas Carol, Rosanne opted for a Halloween setting.

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