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Fantasy Magazine Looking For Audio Dramas to Podcast

In 2009 Fantasy Magazine will add audio dramas to our suite of podcasts. To that end, from September 1 – November 15, we will accept audio script submissions for the first season.

Scripts should run 30 – 60 minutes and follow traditional radio play format. (Examples) We prefer plays that will require five or fewer actors.

Though we will lean more heavily toward dramas in the fantasy genre, we will look at science fiction and dark/horror tales. Any good script with elements of the fantastic is game. Keep in mind that we’re looking for many of the same qualities in audio drama that we look for in our fiction. Scripts should emphasize character, dialogue, and a good story over relying heavily on sound effects and cool tricks.

Your script may be original or based on an existing story or book. However, you must get permission to adapt an existing work from the author before submitting the script to us unless the original work is in the public domain. If we express interest in your script, you must produce documentation of this before we accept your work. We cannot obtain or negotiate these rights for you. If you would like to adapt a story previously published in Fantasy and can’t find contact info for the author in question, we will pass on your request. (Most authors have a website link on their story page.)

SF/F authors with an interest in seeing their work adapted should join the discussion here.

For payment info and the submission address, please see our submissions page.

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