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Favorite Characters From Genre Literature?

Ask any geek who their all-time favorite characters are and they can rattle off at least 5 within seconds. But how many of the characters they mention are from books? Sure, TV and movie characters tend to be sticky — they have an attractive actor or actress attached to them, they utter catch phrases with a quirky smile, they grace billboards and magazines and show up on talk shows. When was the last time Valentine Michael Smith verbally sparred with John Stewart?

Still, there are plenty of great characters who captured our hearts, imagination, and admiration who’ve never set foot outside the pages they were born in. Off the top of my head, I have a deep affection for Uther Doul from Mieville’s The Scar, Tommy, Captain of the Maidenhead from Valente’s Orphan’s Tales, Katherine Campion from Kushner’s Privilege of the Sword, and Miles Vorkosigan from numerous Bujold books.

Top ten lists are such the rage these days, but let’s see if we can go even further. Name 5 – 10 of the most memorable, awesome characters from genre literature. Characters you loved or hated or wanted to be or, most importantly, would want by your side in a fight (even if they’re only there to figure out a clever way to escape from said fight). We’re looking for the top 30 most amazing genre characters of all time. But are there even 30? Only you can say.

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