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Geek Flashback: Beauty and the Beast

In the 80s and 90s there were many shows that combined different and seemingly unrelated genres into one cracktasticly fantastic concept. It became pretty popular, for instance, to combine science fiction or fantasy with cop shows and crime dramas. My favorite was Alien Nation–a show that transcended the movie in a big way, similar to the way Buffy did several years later–followed closely by Forever Knight, the original emo vampire with a soul. Though those shows were more about action and cop stuff than they were about the tender love between a girl and her hairy, hairy boyfriend. That is to say, 1987’s own Beauty and the Beast.

The show wasn’t all that memorable, but its stars certainly are: Linda “I was the first Sarah Connor” Hamilton and Ron “No one remembered that I’m freaking awesome until Hellboy” Pearlman. It’s kind of ironic that the general character arcs they go through in the series parallel these other memorable characters. Beauty/Catherine leads a pretty ordinary life until she is attacked, then saved by a (hairy) guy who acts as a catalyst for her to realize her ass-kicking potential. Beast/Vincent is a fright to look at, but on the inside is just a big sweetie looking for someone to appreciate him. Also: lots of makeup.

You can watch this crime drama/romance/fantasy show on now. Only the first season is up, but that’s probably quite enough for most of us. Enjoy.

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