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Married with Children – “It’s A Bundyful Life”

The best thing about this episode is that the angel role is filled by the late, lamented Sam Kinison, with predictable results.

Moonlighting – “It’s a Wonderful Job”

I’ll admit, I haven’t seen this show in so long that I don’t remember if I ever saw this episode when it originally aired. But hey, young Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd!

Dallas – “Conundrum”

Usually Wonderful Life episodes come in the middle of season, around Christmas or when the writers are bored and burnt out and need an easy plot. But Dallas was no ordinary show. The final episode of the entire series was a Wonderful Life plot, with an angel appearing before a distraught and suicidal JR to how him how all the people we knew and loved from the series would be if he’d never been born. Beside the Who Shot JR and Bobby Returns From The Dead stunts, this was perhaps one of the best and most memorable episodes of the show.

We were, unfortunately, only able to find clips of the very end.

That 70s Show – It’s a Wonderful Life

From Wikipedia: Eric wishes he and Donna had never kissed, and an angel gives him a glimpse at what his life and his friends’ lives would have been, spanning from the pilot episode to the eighties.


Saturday Night Live – “It’s A Wonderful Life – Lost Scene”

Not strictly an adaptation, but I’ve always found this SNL sketch pretty funny. The last, lost scene of the classic is finally rediscovered and Mr. Potter is worse off for it.

And finally, It’s A Wonderful Life In 30 seconds, re-enacted by bunnies.

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