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Podcast Space

For several months the editorial team here at Fantasy has had many discussions about the possibility of a Fantasy podcast. What should be in our podcast? we asked ourselves. Well, mostly I asked myself and others asked me, since I’m in charge of the project. I’ve had several nifty ideas, some more tenable than others. And, if we wanted, we could start them up next month.

But then I thought, why not ask Fantasy readers? After all, the point of the thing is to entertain you, not just give me something nifty to do every month. So, I’m asking — what would you all like to hear in a podcast each month?

So far, I’ve considered re-broad/podcasting genre radio plays, interviews with genre-minded musicians interspersed with clips of their music, and readings of poetry. (All of which are still on the table.) We’re not too interested in podcasting short stories since EscapePod, PodCastle, & PsuedoPod are already doing it (extremely well). If any of those other ideas sound good, say so. Have a good idea of your own? Bring it on.

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