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Star Trek: TNG, Humorously Edited

A few weeks ago a friend of mine pointed me to the YouTube channel of Jan Van Den Hemel and Andrew Hussie of Knowing I was a Star Trek: The Next Generation fan, she figured I would appreciate their series of remixed TNG episodes. I watched the first and thought, “That was cute,” then watched the second and was equal parts horrified and highly amused. I’ve spent many a day laughing so hard I nearly broke something in my gut over these videos, and now it’s time I shared them with you all.

So far there are 20 remixed episodes, none longer than 2 minutes, most around a minute and a half. For #10 you may need to sign in to YouTube as it contains “adult content”. It’s worth it, because it’s one of the funniest in the series. I’m also quite fond of #4: “Uneventful Day”, #2: “beard on beard”, #7: “A fistful of Rikers”, and #13: “Was machst du, Data?”

Watch all the episodes in a row below or click here to view it from YouTube.

Truth time: which are your favorites and why?

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