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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles — “Born to Run”

Last night’s episode of The Sarah Connor Chronicles may well be the last in the entire series, sadly. Though the episode mostly worked when seen that way, I found myself angry at the show’s creators for leaving us with so many unanswered questions and trailing plotlines. You can’t count on being renewed for another season, and, as other shows proved long ago, you can construct a season with a definable, questions-fully-answered ending and still continue if you’re picked up once more. Now fans of the series are left with a lot of questions and must turn to writing fanfiction to answer them. Thanks SCC creators, sheesh!

I also found myself angry because too many episodes of this season were spent spinning wheels instead of moving the plot forward in a satisfactory manner. If we’d had the kind of movement throughout the season as we had in the last 4 episodes they could have gotten to the same or similar ending while also having resolved all the mysteries the show threw at us. Instead we had too much of John Connor whining and too much of Sarah Connor chasing down leads that really should have led somewhere faster.

The thing that makes me the most mad is that, despite all of this, I loved the show so much. I wanted it to continue. I want the answers to the questions and a satisfying ending. I am so pissed that I don’t get one.

Let’s raise a glass and mourn for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It was not the perfect show, but it was often awesome, occasionally frustrating, and deserved better than to be killed by Friday night.

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