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The Best/Worst Star Trek Episodes Of All Time: The Original Series

Only the eldest remember what it was like to wait for the latest Trek episode to come out each week, but many remember watching rerun after summer rerun, endless days of Star Trek mingled with Wild West West or Wonder Woman or the A-Team.

Trekkie generations after mine have their own favorites, but I fell away from the Trek following around the same time as Voyager, due to TV-less circumstances that had little to do with Star Trek. So for me, the original Star Trek is the shiznit – I’d estimate I watched each episode at least a half dozen times and probably, embarrassing, maybe a little more, as a kid.

When I raised the question among the staff, we found many had definite opinions, and we all had a Star Trek that was particularly ours. For me, it’s definitely the first series, although I will confess to watching a lot of The Next Generation as well.

Best Episodes of All Time – Star Trek

  • The Trouble With Tribbles will always be high on my list. -Cat Rambo
  • Amok Time — Kirk and Spock fight! -Rae Bryant
  • One of my favorites that wasn’t really a ST episode – “GalaxyQuest”, which skewers and celebrates ST, even down to the fans of Trekkies and Trekkies 2. Cat Rambo

Worst Episodes of All Time – Star Trek

  • “The Way to Eden”. The “space hippies” episode. Spock is cool, but Kirk is an uptight authoritarian (or a “Herbert” in space hippy slang). The ending is so heavy-handed that it cracks me up every time. -Mark Bukovec
    The one with the gorn, when Kirk builds a crude spear thrower out of a bush and some rocks. The gorn is way too reminiscent of a bad Godzilla movie, and the science is…well, illogical. -Cat Rambo
    Spock’s Brain and The Naked Time – Samantha Chapman

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