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The Hunt for Gollum

Most fans of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings film trilogy are anxiously (or apprehensively) awaiting director Guillermo del Toro’s prequel, The Hobbit (which will inexplicably be split into two films beginning in 2012). But what about the appendices to the novels? There’s a wealth of story there, as yet untapped in visual media–even in animated musical form.

Well, some of these fans have taken it upon themselves to fill in the gaps in the story with their own film adaptation of the Heir of Isildur’s quest to find the creature Gollum. Lately there has been a slew of quality fan-made films, for films from Star Wars to Star Trek, which are sometimes more professional-looking and better-written than the official stuff. From the latest trailer for this short film, this is one slick production. It’s scary how good low-budget homemade films look these days compared to their Hollywood counterparts!

The 45-minute film, written and directed by Chris Bouchard, will be released for free online in HD on May 3, 2009. Check out the trailer below, and visit the official website and blog for updates.

THE HUNT FOR GOLLUM – FULL Trailer 1 from Independent Online Cinema on Vimeo.

Surely it’s only a matter of time before The Silmarillion is adapted as well…

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