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Bits and Bytes: Republicans Like Doctor Who, But Will They Dig A Black Doctor?

William Shatner Upset That George Takei Didn’t Invite Him To The Wedding

All I have to say about this is: I wouldn’t invite Shatner to my wedding, either. Well, not if I was George. I personally would totally invite him just for the drunk toast. Where was I? Oh yeah, Bill is being a bit of an ass about this whole thing, don’t you think?

Democrats and Republicans Respond to TV Differently… Film at 11

Nielsen (the ratings people) apparently rate the “engagement” people have with the shows they watch and crunch this data along many lines, including political affiliation.

“Engagement” refers to the amount of attention paid to a television program by the average viewer. […] Nielsen’s analysis found that the cable programs that received the highest overall engagement scores… also received the most bipartisan support…

According to the table at the link, shows with the highest Republican engagement include Doctor Who. I know, a bunch of question marks popped above my head, too. Apparently conservatives engaged with our dear Doctor even more than they engaged with the ladies vying for Bret Michaels’ love. I’m not sure how to wrap my brain around this.

The most engaging SF/F show for Dems? TIN MAN. That’s right, dear readers!  Liberals are all about the bad Sci-Fi channel movies. I may have to switch parties…

My Black Doctor Brings All The Racists To The Yard

Nick Kaufman finds crazy Doctor Who wank so you don’t have to. Apparently there’s a rumor about that when David Tenant finally gives up the mantle of the Doctor, one of the guys being considered for the role is British actor Paterson Joseph. He was the Weakest Link finalist with Rose in the first season DW finale and also had a prominent role in BBC’s Jekyll. Besides being absolutely brilliant and handsome, Joseph is also black. This, predictably, is making Who fans freak the hell out.

Nick’s picked out some of the choicer quotes for your amusement and head-shaking, but it’s interesting to point out that some fans are completely okay with a black Doctor. But a woman? HELL NO, SIR.

I weep.

The Con Anti-Harassment Project

If you’ve ever attended a large SF convention, you’re well aware why such a project is needed. Check out what is doing about the lack of con anti-harassment policies.

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