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Con Report: PenguiCon (Romulus, MI), Saturday (Dave)

Penguicon Saturday dawned bright and sunny, which was literally a rude awakening for everyone who hadn’t figured out that the base shades didn’t keep out sunlight. Our balcony might be inside, overlooking the lobby, but it is a lobby with a glass roof that faces east.

So we were up a little earlier than expected, and started making our way toward the morning programming. The amazing thing about the growth of Twitter is that, while I was settling into a panel about modifying Nerf guns (and twittering about it), and Angie was attending Gini Judd’s Dr. Who panel (and twittering about it), our Twitter pages both had a constant flow of “I’m at X panel, and it is great”. I’ve never been at a con before when it was so easy to keep track of where your friends were at any minute.

Sadly, after an incredible demonstration of the artistic talents of Alex Drummer, Melanie Brooks and Sheryl Bradakis – and as I type that, one of my pictures of Alex just popped up on PenguiconTV – it was already time for me to prepare to depart the con for a few hours. I don’t know why the Tigers and Indians insisted playing on the afternoon of Penguicon Saturday, but it meant that I missed several key events: John Scalzi being dour on a humor panel; Penguicon’s official Hot MD, Kat Burgett, doing her second annual How To Kill A Character panel (although she didn’t get any blood on the ceiling this time) and sadly, the Masquerade. Cabri and I got there in time to see the last 20-30 minutes, but the room was packed and there was enough of an overflow into the hall that we never got to see anything.

Luckily, some of the crowd thinned out so that Angie, Cabri and I were able to get good seats for “Dr. Horrible Live”. That was absolutely brilliant, but I want to give a special shoutout to KT, who stole the show while signing the performance for the hearing impared. I didn’t realize that acting lessons were a part of that training, but she was fantastic.

After that, the con turned into that delightful haze of a Saturday night. There were still things to be seen – the Pirate Ship going down (the elevator) without its captain, John Scalzi dressed up as a pirate after denying he was going to do it, and a special room party held for my 40th birthday party. Actually, it might have been decorated for Scalzi’s 40th, but my party is traditionally on the first Saturday of May, so I decided it was for me. Besides, he’s four days younger than me, so my party should have come first anyway.

And that was about it. We partied, we found food, we partied a little more and then we sadly went to bed.

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