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Game Roundup for 11/20/2009

Each week, gamer Matt Staggs will be producing a list of links for Fantasy Magazine to help fill you in on the latest in gaming news. This week there’s a host of information for tabletop gamers, including a vintage D&D commercial and D&D’s stupidest monsters, as well as leaked screenshots from Fallout and news from GameStop about downloadable content.

It’s rumored that Pandemic Studios – the developers behind Star Wars: Battlefront and Mercenaries – will be closed down by owners Electronic Arts.

Are you a Left For Dead fanatic? Programmer Eric Ruth has made a NES-style version.

If you need a random dungeon creator for your tabletop campaigns, here’s one produced by Dyson Logos.

If you’re looking for a new monster to go along with that random dungeon, how about the Kidney Stone?

And if you want some adventures for your tabletop players, here’s a resource detailing 100+ free D&D adventures.

In case you don’t remember what playing tabletop games was like, here’s a vintage D&D commercial.

Then amuse yourself considering D&D’s Ten Stupidest Monsters.

The game Borderlands’ first downloadable content add-on “The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned,” releases Nov. 24, promising to add 6 to 10 hours of gameplay.

Gnome Stew reviews Realms of Cthulhu for the Savage Realms system

Screenshots have been leaked from Interplay’s Fallout MMO, supposedly by Interplay itself.

The first eight of the Pathfinder miniatures from Reaper have been released.

GameStop has said it will begin selling downloadable content…in its stores.

Want to incorporate Google Wave into your game playing? here’s some possibilities.

Allen Varney talks about the Facebook game Mafia Wars from Zynga.

Finally, a visit to an old and perhaps forgotten RPG: En Garde from Game Designers Workshop.